Why Sparsh was Required?

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A primer on SPARSH and why there is so much of chaos in its implementation.

- SPARSH was required because the number of variables in Defence pensions is much more than civ. Bank CPPOs were not familiar with the complexities which led to long standing grievances not being redressed for large number of veterans.
- Once stabilised it will be painless. Comparable to online banking, UPI systems.
- Working level were not in favour of mass migration before system stabilises but just like the forces, there are brownie point seekers everywhere including the DAD who insisted on speeding up the migration leading to current problems.
- Incomplete data provided by banks was entered without counterchecking by PCDA(P) Allahabad. The present incumbent Sham Deo is least interested in working and more interested in rushing off to Chandigarh every weekend. Therefore the rectification of the errors in migration are not being undertaken expeditiously. 
- TCS has also been shoddy in this. Unlike the fine job done by them in the Passport system, they have deployed their lowest skilled engineers and project managers on this. The software glitches are not being attended to expeditiously and this is also causing delays in rectification of errors. 
- If Sham Deo and TCS (the project is headed by one Rahul Jain of TCS) are kicked and held accountable the issues can be resolved quickly.
- Till both TCS and PCDA(P) get their act together the current status will continue. Sham Deo and Rahul Jain be made personally accountable, with someone in MoD taking regular progress report from the two of them is the only solution.

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