How I survived 3 Times Death?

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Going down the memory lane, I was commanding a platoon of 372 Field company at Chushul, had dug in and taken up defensive positions, plus maintained Chushul air field for AN 12 s.
Almost lost my life 3 times, each time survived by miracle. Once was walking on frozen river Indus at night for patrolling, I was in front and my JCO behind. I suddenly heard a splash sound and instantly knew that the ice below the JCOs feet had given way. I kept walking and reached the shore. His body was found 200 miles downstream. 
Second time, our one ton truck slipped on ice slope all the way into frozen indus. Luckily I was thrown out on the ice and walked across. My driver went down with the truck. Third time, after we had withdrawn from Chushul, I drove back to airfield to see if Chinese had come down the hills. My keep broke down on the way back. I had to walk back 12 miles at night in freezing temperature at 14000 ft. After a few hours I was walking almost unconsciously, only God could have kept me going.
"Ja ko raakhe saainyaan, maar sake na koye"😊

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