Nithari Acquittals : implication for justice

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The allegations were gruesome. Went beyond Murder & Rape and included allegations of "Necrophilia" & "Cannibalism".

The man was made out to be a Demon.
If this is how the Prosecution tried to pin blame on this person how does he get back the 17 years of his life and the loss of dignity?

On the other hand if it is a botched up investigation then how does the prosecution secure convictions in mostly circumstantial Crimes?

It is a classic case of a manufactured botched up investigation where the crime area/scene was heavily contaminated and forensics being used when the evidence samples were mishandled and many other acts of a like manner resulting in the defence exploiting them to exonerate (almost) the accused of all allegations. 

The same was the case in that other media advertised case of Arushi Talwar @ Noida. In that case, the crime scene was heavily contaminated with all & sundry walking in & out and the Police / Constables touching everything and no one knew who came or left & took away items which became crucial when the judicial process reached a critical stage by the prosecution. That also resulted in the acquittal of the Talwar couple.

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