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 1. The SPARSH PPO No is a 12 digit number. Out of 12 digits, the first three digits ( *from L to R*) indicate the *Service* and *Category* of the Pensioner. Here Service refers to - Army, Navy, Air Force & Defence Civillian and Category refers to - Officer & Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR). Details of the same is enumerated below --

*101* - Army Officers
*102* - Army officers of *AMC, RVC, MNS, ADC & TA*
*201 to 250* - Army PBOR
*301* - Navy Officers
*401* - Navy PBOR
*501* - Air Force Officers
*601* - Air Force PBOR
*402* - Defence Civilian Officers
*701* - IDAS (Indian Defence Accounts Service) Officers
*801* - Defence Civilian PBOR. 

2.    For further clarity of the above facts, let's take an example of a SPARSH PPO No, so to say - *236201500203*. For better understanding, let's re-arrange the 12 digits of this PPO number as under -
*2 36-2015-00203*.

(a)    The 1st digit ( *2*) indicates the Pensioner is from *Army* (because 1 & 2 is allotted to Army). And the 2nd & 3rd digit ( *36*) indicate the *Record office* of the Pensioner. Record Offices of the Army have been allotted Code numbers from *01* to *50*. In this series, *_36_ is allotted to _AEC Records_*. Hence *236* indicates that, this PPO belongs to an *Army Pensioner* & his RO is *AEC Records*.

Some other Record Offices have been allotted the following codes -
ASC (S) Records - 40
ASC (MT) Records - 41
MEG Records - 22
and so on...... 

(b)     4th to 7th digit ( *2015*) indicate the *Year of Retirement* of the Pensioner. 

(c)     8th to 12th digit, that means the last five digits indicate the *Running serial number of PPO*. In this case it is *00203*

3.  Further, when the first Corrigendum PPO is generated, *01* is added with the PPO number as suffix. 
For Example : *236201500203-01*
If second Corrigendum PPO is generated *02* will be added as suffix and so on.....

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