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1. You received sparsh migration message in sms

2. You are migrated to SPARSH in Sep 2023 and as per your message, you received pension for the month of Sep 2023 today (29 Sep). I too got migrated on 12 Aug and have been receiving my pension from SPARSH. I have some experience with SPARSH.  I will explain how you got to do things if you want to sleep soundly with SPARSH.
2. First and foremost is to open a note book and enter all SMSs you receive from SPARSH date wise. Any document you are able to down load from SPARSH also must be place in this note (stapled). 
3. Do not depend upon your mobile or computer. You may lose mobile or your computer or Laptop might get viruses.
4. After some time (one or two months later), you will receive User Name and Password from SPARSH as SMS. Immediately enter these in your note book. You will be asked to change the password they sent you. Go to Google and type SPARSH. It will take you to SPARSH. Click on Log In. It will show two fields. You write down in your note book the new pass word of your choice between 8 and 12 characters which should have one special character @ or $ or # etc, one or more numbers and one capital letter and rest small letters. Then enter your user name and the password given by SPARSH.Enter the same password you wrote in the notebook. Then you get a message "Your Password is changed and now you can log in with your new password". Get out from SPARSH.
5. Log in second time with your User Name ( 14 digits) and your chosen password. SPARSH will take you to your own page in their server. If your SPARSH PPO is ready, then you will see menu *Documents* on the right hand side. Click on Documents menu and you will be able to see SPARSH PPO and Pension Slip. Download both into your own folder titled My_Sparsh in the desk top computer or Laptop. Take 10 to 20 copies of SPARSH PPO as that is the PPO everyone will ask you for any official transaction. Take only one hard copy of Pension slip per month. Staple one copy of SPARSH PPO and one pension slip onto your note book. Get one copy of SPARSH PPO laminated or put it in plastic folder for its protection against spill over of tea or coffee or soft drink or water.
6. Get life certificate as per the Next Due Date of Submission of Life Certificate given in your Pension slip you got from SPARSH. Go to your own bank and get Life Certificate through Biometric device. But ensure for the field Pension Disbursing Authority (PDA) ask the bank employee to go to the drop down menu and select SPARSH /PCDA (Pensions) Prayagraj and for the second field Agency again select SPARSH /PCDA(Pensions) Prayagraj. Then only Jeevan Pramaan will send your Life Certificate to SPARSH.
7. When you go to your bank to get Life Certificate generated in the first week of the month mentioned in your SPARSH pension slip ( generally it is Nov 2023),  you carry one copy of the following documents (a) PPO or E-PPO or SPARSH PPO (b) Aadhar Card (c) Last year's receipt for Life Certificate (d) Bank pass book duly updated.
8. There after enjoy your monthly pension till Nov 2024.
9. SPARSH is slowly improving. Not to worry. I am there to sort out if you have any problem. My next visit to PCDA (Pensions) Prayagraj is on 28 & 29 Dec 2023.
10. First month SPARSH does not deduct any income tax. But second month they deduct TDS for two months as they need one month time to get data of pension received in your bank before you got migrated and how much TDS was deducted by CPPC of your bank. Then SPARSH will work out what is your annual income and how much your CPPC deducted income tax and balance SPARSH will deduct monthly till end of the financial year 2023 -24.

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