26/11 is a day to remind ourselves that the fight against terrorism is not over yet

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26/11 is a day to remind ourselves that the fight against terrorism is not over yet.
Let us remember the people who lost their lives and hope for peace for them. Our Brave Indian Heroes.
The Heroes of 26/11 who bravely fought:-
1. Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan
single-handedly rescued 14 Hostages from the 6th floor of the Hotel Taj Mahal.
2. Tukaram Omble, Assistant Police Sub-Inspector, Mumbai Police
A retired soldier from the Army, Tukaram joined the police as a constable in 1991 after retiring from the Signal Corps . It was he who managed to capture Ajmal Kasab alive with his bare hands. 
3.Hemant Karkare, Chief of the Mumbai ATS
4.Ashok Kamte, Additional Commissioner of Police, Mumbai Police
5. Vijay Salaskar, encounter specialist, Mumbai Police
6.Shashank Shinde, senior inspector, Railway Police.
7. Hawaldar Gajendra Singh, NSG Commando.
8. Shri Prakash P More: He was a police sub-inspector posted to the L.T. Marg Police Station
9. Shri Bapusaheb Durugade: He was the police sub-inspector of the L.A. 1 police station 
10.  Shri Balasaheb Bhosle:  Asst. Sub Inspector.
11. Shri M.C. Chowdhary: Police Head Constable R.P.F.
12. Shri Jayawant Patil: Police Constable..
13. Shri Vijay Khandekar:  Police Constable.
14. Shri Ambadas Pawar: Police Constable.
15. Shri Mukesh B. Jadhav: Home Guard Constable.
16. Shri Rahul S. Shinde:  Police Constable S.R.P.F.
And many unsung heroes such as Ravi Dharnidhirka and Anjali Julthe who was a captain in the US Marine Corps and had spent four years flying more than 200 combat missions in Iraq. Ravi along with six South African ex-commandos who worked for a private firm, decided to take matters in their own hand. Together they saved the lives of all 157 people present in the restaurant.
Anjali Kulthe, nurse by profession, helped bring a new life to the world. On the fatal day of November 26, she was in night duty in the antenatal ward in Cama and Albless hospital for Women and Children. While she was on duty, from the window she noticed hospital guards lying in the pool of blood. She immediately locked the doors of her ward and moved all the pregnant women into a small pantry space in the ward. She risked her own life to protect 20 pregnant women
The orchestrators of 26/11 are still alive, the day should never be reduced to just commemorating the memories of the lives lost, justice is still pending!

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