Army Officers Civil Employment - NOC Procedure

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Civ Employment

1. One require NOC from MS br to apply for deputation/absorption.

2. Pre requisites for NOC:
(a) PC Offrs.
(i) Two years prior to their compulsory retirement for the rank held.
(ii) Finally superseded Officers may apply as soon as information of such supersession has been received.
(iii) Placed in such a permanent low medical category as is unacceptable for further promotion.
(iv) Placed in such a low medical category as is unacceptable for retention in service.
(v) Those who have completed 18 years of service and have not yet passed Part 'D' promotion examination or equivalent.

(b) SSCOs for release:
(i) When denied grant of Permanent Commission. 
(ii) During their initial contractual period, if they are ineligible for permanent Commission, due to permanent low category. Release may however not be sanctioned before completion of initial contractual period, subject to exigencies of service.
(iii) During the last six months of initial contractual service.
(iv) Any time during the period of their extended service beyond the contractual period; those who are selected for civil jobs would normally be sanctioned release from Army Service, at the discretion of Army Headquarters.
(v) Any time if he/she is ineligible for permanent commission on disciplinary grounds as specified from time to time in the selection criteria for grant of Permanent Commission. However, release may not be sanctioned till completion of initial contractual service.
(vi) Offrs failed in YOs.

3. Notwithstanding the above, officers who have been trained in specialised courses at Govt expense *WILL NOT* be allowed to apply for civil appointments before the expiry of 05 years from the date of completion of all courses of over 06 months in INDIA or abroad and NOT before the expiry of three years from the date of completion of course upto 06 months abroad.

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