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When we need to visit more than one specialist,it is advisable to request separate referrals.This will enable three visits to each specialist separately, else visits shall be counted as per number of specialists referred in one single referral.

To bring clarity,may I share my wife's example.... Yesterday She got one combined referral for review by Cardiologist and Neuro.We went to hospital.

She was reviewed by Neuro and advised EEG, both done(two visits counted).Further, yesterday itself reviewed by Cardiologist and advised for 24 hrs holter. Holter couldn't be given as before that third visit too counted with the review by cardiologist.Consequently,came again ECHS for referral,which could have been avoided had I obtained two separate referrals Yesterday.

Need to share,we can have three separate referrals on one day with three visits each.

This is being posted after discussion with Officer incharge ECHS Polyclinic 

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