Avoid charging mobile at public ports

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Look what happened with the CEO of a big company in Hyderabad : 16 lakh rupees stolen online from his account. There was no OTP, no call, no online link was sent or opened. The CEO himself is very tech- friendly but there was no way to know how such an amount was stolen. Cyber crime elite officers were on the case but could not figure out or understand . Invisible hand ? wireless crime ?

All the scanning was done from the mobile but no trace was found, *only one clue was found from the CCTV footage in his office.*

It was found that the mobile charger of the CEO was replaced in  the office and another USB charger ( exactly identical make/model ) was placed in its place. *Such a sleek operation was done by a cleaning staff who works  outside office hours*. All his data was copied, his entire mobile banking was hacked and money was smoothly withdrawn from the account. In this modus operandi, the charger is first replaced and a micro chip is already installed in that replaced charger and all the data is copied and hacked. And this is very difficult to detect . So from now on, keep a special eye on chargers and USB cords. Don't leave them behind in your office. And  don't use someone else's or charge your mobile in an unknown place. *Don't get enticed by the dangling chargers/free charging in airports/ malls/clubs etc.* And when you go abroad, never fall a prey to free wifi passwords in malls/restaurants/tourist coaches etc.

*Posted by a local police official ( a good samaritan )  in another group .......*.😞

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