Banknifty Trading Prediction for today

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Bank Nifty Spot View: 20/11/2023
CMP: 43583.95
Moving AVG (EMA) 20 Hour & 40 Hour: 43735 & 43882
Moving AVG (EMA) 20 Day & 40 Day: 43760 & 43695
Support & Downside Range: 43490—43265--42890
Resistance & Upside Range: 43880--44100--44420
Short Term Trend Reversal Level: -- 44420
Trading View: In today's intraday trading session key level to watch is 43880—44100 spot as rest any bounce near this zone bank nifty may face selling pressure and it may again try to head lower towards minimum 43265 to 42890 spot levels whereas if bank nifty manage to break and sustain above 44100 then intraday bias turns sideways and we have to wait for pattern confirmation for next direction so understand the importance of 43880—44100 rest zone and act accordingly.

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