Don't Trouble Trouble unless trouble troubles you

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There is a saying, don't trouble trouble unless trouble troubles you.

What was the reqmt of Sparsh.CDA wanted to say they are going to save some money. The banks were doing a very good job.

Somebody carried out cost benefit analysis. Software cost for TCS, manpower cost, office cost etc etc.
No cost saving there.

When Sparsh was being made, service hqs, CDS became ostrich.

The defence advisor of banks, all three star officers, cried hoarse about the impending disaster. Presentations were given, ex service chiefs were requested. Nothing happened.

Today CDA has much more bandwidth than service chiefs and CDS.

Please don't blame bureaucrats. They are what they are. It is given. It is the political masters, the RM who has to take the blame.
Bureaucrats do what the mantri says. Frankly this RM is a disaster.

You have seen how the RM made those ridiculous comments about transferring a Judge of AFT, Chandigarh overnight because he made the CDA offr responsible for non payment to a JCO.

Thank God, Supreme Court interfered. Said, ye kya ho raha hain.

Ultimately RM understood the huge problem of Sparsh. He knows election. He has to face music and not PCDA. He increase staff at CDAP with better officers.

What has happened?

Army now has opened a office at Prayagraj. A Lt col JCO and some clerks. They have been given the access to software. For what? Clearing the shit created by PCDA. It always happens like that. Ultimately army cleans the shit created by others.

Look what has happened. This tiger Zinda Hain certificate is nothing new. Every year we submit this. It is applicable to every govt pensioner. Now I get every day a notice my pension is going to be stopped.

What has happened to those better officers. The PCDA officer responsible has been sent to UN mission. His replacement has no clue. Not required. Fauj hain na. They will do the needful 

Why are we asking AG. He has nothing to do. He can easily be told, lay off. It is PCDA. When they had to interfere they did not do anything.

Last point. Chetwode motto. 

Any system to be made functional, we have to see the lowest common denominator. A widower, leaving in remote countryside, not knowing English, not having smart phone, does not know how to operate these fancy gadgets. She will not get her livelihood, the pension. This is applicable to many others. We living in NCR, or cities can have these facilities. What about old ESM in remote areas. We have singularity failed them. Shame on us.

Everywhere armed forces have to put resources to sort out the Sparsh chaos.

Was it required?

People in the know of things, say picture abhi baki hain.

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