Easiest way of submitting my Annual Life

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Today I came across the most easiest way of submitting my Annual Life Certificate.

I am listing below the process that one needs to follow:-

*You will first need to install the following Two Apps in your Mobile which are available in Play Store*

(a) Jeevan Pramaan App

(b) Aadhaar Face Rd (Early Access) App.

*After you have installed the Jeevan Pramaan App you have to give permission to use the camera.*

*Now open Jeevan Pramaan App and fill in your Aadhaar number, Mobile number and email ID.*

Next you will get an OTP in your mobile for logging in.

After logging in you have to fill in the following

Full name as in Aadhaar card

*Next Drop down menu will appear under the following heads. Kindly click the appropriate choice against each*

1. Type of Pension

2. Organisation Type

3. Sanctioning Authority

4. Disbursing Agency

5. Agency

Next you have to fill in your *PPO number* and *Pension Bank Account Number*

Next you have to certify that *You are not re-employed* and *You are not remarried*

Once these details are filled the *Aadhaar Face Rd App* will be activated automatically and  camera will open on your screen.

*Ensure that you are in a well lit place and keep blinking your eye lids*

*Your face will be read automatically and photo captured. You will get a confirmation that your Annual Life Certificate has been submitted successfully.*

Next your Annual Life Certificate will be displayed on the screen

*You will also get an SMS confirming submission of ALC and a link which will enable you to download your ALC*

That ends your exercise of submitting your ALC for the current year.

The whole process that I have listed above took me less than 5 minutes.

Kindly keep your *Aadhaar card to, PPO number and Bank account details* ready with you before you start the process.

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