God shows the path as a guru in any form as Sande showed me

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*The great story*


*A stunning and immersive experience*
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 *When and in what form the GURU appears is very difficult to say*

I started my first job at a hospital in Alibaug. Each case provides me new knowledge more than my books. Every patient teaches me something. 

One afternoon
an injured woman came who was pregnant after 11 years of marriage. 
A bull roaming around the streets of Alibaug had knocked  her stomach with its horn.
It was a scary  sight with part of the woman''s stomach  injured and a baby's hand peeping out of the crack of the uterine wall. 
My mind was in turmoil. The mother's life could be saved because the stomach wound was not serious. But to sew up the wall of the uterus was unthinkable as it was impossible to e put the child's hand inside. The family's mandate was clear. Save the mother's life. But how would I ignore the call of that little hand which appeared to be asking for help.

The operation theatre had a skeleton staff. Apart from me there were two nurses, a compounder and a helper whose job was to sterilize tools. He was middle-aged and an alcoholic (remained high) but was extremely sincere & efficient in his work for which the entire staff tolerated him. In the OT, I observed that he was standing quietly behind observing the proceedings. After healing the stomach wound, how do I get that little hand inside was beyond bookish knowledge. It required innovative approach. 
The creator had made the Uterine wall so strong that it cannot be opened easily, and even if he opened it, then the possibility of the birth and survival of the child from seven month pregnancy, while the mother seemed difficult to come to consciousness, was remote?  No option came to my  mind but to perform surgery. 

At this point the helper, who was silently watching, all of a sudden came up to me and whispered in my ear, "saheb, there is a way that the hand will automatically move in. I stared at him. Time was precious. I didnt know why  but my inner conscience made me ask him what he had in mind. He said heat the injection needle and touch the hand, it will immediately go back. 

Having no other option, I agreed to his suggestion. I prayed God in my heart and asked for a  hundred apologies from that little one and gathered courage and warmed the needle and pricked it lightly. The miracle happened and the hand immediately withdrew  back in with a jerk. Further work was easy. I immediately put the strap on by dressing the uterine wall. 

For Two months of faith in God I prayed that the child inside would be safe and God above did not disappoint me either. 

Two months later, the woman  safely delivered the baby n  the same hospital and that little baby was smiling right in my hands. I  consider that helper as my guru. His name was *Sande*.  

To my mind, I believe  that when there is no cure by the books, *God shows the path as a guru in any form as Sande showed me.* His tip will not be found in any medical book. 

In the end, I will say, *This is the Will of God*
# Sincerely #  Doctor Subhash Munje's book Behind the mask!!

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