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HipDict is the crowdsourced dictionary that's going strong with over 2 million followers. Here are a few examples of how HipDict tells it like it really is...

*Home* (n.) 
The place where you trust the toilet seat.

*English Teacher* (n.)
A person who puts more thought into a novel than the original author ever did.

*Sibling* (n.)
You'd give them your kidney but you won't let them borrow your charger.

*Etc.* (abb .)
End of thinking capacity.

*Oh, ok* (phr.)
I thought you understood me, but you don't.

*I'm fine* (phr.)
Not dead. Still alive.

*Friend* (n.)
Someone who listens to your bullshit, tells you it's bullshit, and then listens to some more.

*Everything happens for a reason* (phr.)
 Sometimes the reason is you're stupid and make bad decisions.

*K.* (adv.)
Ok but with anger.

*Psychopaths* (n.)
People who watch scary movies for fun and sleep fine afterwards.

*Happiness* (n.)
Not having to set the alarm clock for the next day.

*I'm going to sleep early tonight* (phr.)
The biggest lie you tell yourself.

*Dad* (n.)
A person who has no clue what's inside when you open a gift labelled "From Mom & Dad".

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