Never ever catch the Bull by its Tull

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The Bull & its Tulll reminds me of the time when I was posted in Muguthang in North Sikkim. I was in xx Assam Rifles with Bn HQ at xxxxx. Muguthang was a small hamlet high in the hills at approx 16000 feet along the freezing Naku Chuu. During my tenure Muguthang was a Yak maint post with 108 yaks at my service including two riding yaks which truly enhanced my testosterone levels once on top..sure footed impeccable animals walking along the steep fringes of the mountains definitely gave Goosebumps with no room for mistakes. The 4h ride to Muguthang was from Thangu & I used to mount on Sonali,tighten my saddle & read a novel enroute to make myself oblivious to the surrounding deep gorges when I was not Trekking the mountain from the Chopta Valley. Muguthang is now an Air maint post..wonder what happened to Sonali & Ruchika. Well,once the GOC wanted to pay a visit to Muguthang which had a Helipad & I was instructed by my CO to prepare one of the Yaks befitting of a Gen to mount it & as a true Gorkha with utmost sincerity washed up Sonali,cleaned her up & gave her a good massage,knotted & trimmed unidirectional body hair & saddled her up..even made a small wooden two steps climbing post incase the senior ranking offr found himself unable to mount Sonali...but it was not to my satisfaction & to impress the Gen offr & my CO,I decided to step ahead & give star plates to Sonali, she she was afterall the vehicle for the GOC to ride..with Assam Rifles resources & most positive troops tailored two cloth star plate on red sequin cloth & golden stars stitched over it..I felt quite satisfied with my accomplishments & was quite exuberant about it. Now with Sonali's horns 'Mehendied' tail knotted, we'll saddled over a small red carpet,her Labia majora well oiled & cleaned by the Yak keeper..I with pride anchored the cloth star plate firstly on her forehead & then with some effort behind covering her Labia anchoring the loose chords to the wooden saddle. It seemed like Sonali's first Night & well decked up for the ride to the Naku LA section post. The Gen arr & was well recd with a smile..offered a packet of sweets Laddu to me,briefed him the landmarks fm the viewpoint & he was ready to mount Sonali from behind. But Murphys law played spoilsport just at the penultimate  moment ‐- Sonali flipped her tail fm the star plate bondage waiving at the Gen admiring at the star plate & deficated over it leaving behind a stench of good amt of our bewilderment. The sudden change in the ecosystem..all appreciation,my innovative sincerity,espirit de Corps everything was questionable..The star plate was removed & the Gen preferred to trek to the section post leaving behind Sonali unsatisfied. I was later admonished by my CO for my initiative. How wrongly I was misunderstood but learnt a lesson in life as not to take any initiative..Reminds me though of poor Sonali 🤩🥴🙏so never ever catch the Bull by its Tull😂😂

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