Respect Begets Respect : Worth a read for all Retired officers

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Worth a read for all Retired officers

Felt like sharing my experience today. As we have read and heard a lot about the ill will, which supposedly exist between retired PBOR and and the Offr cadre. I had gone to SPARSH Centre for uploading my Life Certificate today. 

When I entered the office there were around 15-16 retired PBOR sitting in the room and a Clk was on the Job.

 I also entered the crowded room and made the entry in the register as required and took a seat.

It seems these people had come early and mostly from small towns / villages around Delhi and must have started their journey quite early in morning keeping in mind the the state of public transport and last mile connectivity . 

Each one was holding their documents in hands and eagerly waiting for their turn. 

Then suddenly few retired offrs landed up and straight way  made their way to the window without even making an entry in the register. 
All these PBOR watched silently and I could sense it well what is likely going in their minds. In addition to rushing to the window the Offrs were not organised in getting their documents and wasted lot time in discussing with Clk and among themselves about the documents they forgot at home. A good 40 productive mins were thus got wasted as only one out of 6 could get his work done. 
As soon as the offrs left everyone looked at me.

I stood and politely told them since there is only one window and one Clk . I will come up when my turn comes. Suddenly the atmosphere in the room drastically changed it did bring some ease on their faces. 
As and when their work was done they walked up to me and wished Jai Hind and proudly told their Units/ Regts and shook hands before leaving . 

When  finally my turn came the Clk was more respectful and did my work quickly and he  told me *Sahab aap retired toh lagte Nahin* 
 I told him with a smile "Aapne PPO dekh liya na ustaad 😁😁" to which he just smiled and said Jai Hind Sahab.

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