Supersession is a blessing in disguise

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Why should we harp on deputation (if leads to absorption- fine), rather we should prepare while in service for the corporate life later, May be post PMR / Superannuation.

My experience says- whatever EQ one had to be commissioned as an officer- must add few genuine, hard-earned reputed qualifications from equally decent institutions (regular/ part-time / online, but in no case from SIMS Pune correspondence one), certain add-ons: *MBA / PGP* (HR/Finance/BA/Mktg or any other), 
Tech Qualf (Computers/Cyber Security etc), CPP 
(All these can be earned as part time /online, where service life not affected)

For PSUs, esp ONGC, OIL etc in security stream a PG qualification (first class) is must.

Must regularly visit Ascent of TOI regularly and hit for the Bullseye.

Remember Oil & Gas PSUs are the best pay masters and the best quality of life providers- look for opportunities there.

Even 5* Hospitality Industry looks for ex-defence services officers (esp Taj Gp, Hyàtt, Hilton etc)

Shared above details based on pers experiences- I superannuated as Col at 54, joined Hyàtt Hotel, got selected as Dy GM for ONGC Ltd on regular pay roll of company (joined at 55.5 yrs ), resigned Hotel Hyàtt and post ONGC Ltd (superannuated again) at 60 relaxed for 1.5 yrs joined a pvt University as Head-Admin.

Sometimes- certain appts in service life we do and feel low (Mess Secy or PMC/ Golf Club Ic / Edn Offr) these actually pay Hy dividends when seeking decent jobs in Civ life.

Don't feel disappointed if any body got superseded- *Supersession is   a blessing in disguise*, means Almighty has granted and hinted better prospects beyond the uniforms and hence prepare urself while in service and perform with perfection even if it was the most useless assignment (one sometimes does feel so)

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