Survival of the fittest

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There are 542 MPs and 5000 odd MLAs in India out of a population of 140 crores. 
Around 100 odd cricketers out of 140 crores. 
Around 1000 odd football players at max out of 6 bn population globally. 
So are actors etc and few businessman. 

These are exceptional people, brilliant and intelligent by their standards, who persevered, struggled, understood the context and did the impossible. 

I am sure if the same scientists and doctors can imitate their style, they can also become big. Some are. 

Life gives everyone 24 hours everyday, you got to fill it and trade it in best possible manner. 
Dhoni could have continued to be a TTE. 
Mittal a kabadi shop owner. 
Dhirubhai, a petrol pump filler. 
Amitabh was lucky with a LOR from Indira ji. Else he would have been happy as a journalist in Kolkatta. 

And. List is endless. 

It's what choices you make... 
Survival of the fittest. 

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