What counts as Calories?

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*Festival Special Advisory*😇❤️

   _Before you dig into Dhanteras, Choti Diwali, Diwali, Govardhan Pooja, Bhai Dooj, Chat Pooja festivities and eating starts, follow these dieter's 10 commandments:_

1. _If you eat something and no one saw it – it has no calories._🙈

2. *When you eat with someone else, the calories don't count if they ate more.*🙊

3. _Tasting someone else's food doesn't count._🙉

4. *If people around us gain weight, we automatically become thinner.*🦉

5. _If your movie ticket comes with a free tub of popcorn, it doesn't count as food._🤫

6. *Every food you split into smaller pieces will contain less calories.*🙃

7. _Tasting food while preparing it is essential, and therefore – healthy._😇

8. *Foods with similar colors contain the same amount of calories. This is why it's fine to eat pistachio ice cream instead of spinach.*❤️

9. _Chocolate has a dedicated area in the stomach, which is why you should have it with every meal._🌹

10. *Frozen foods, such as ice cream, contain no calories. The reason is that a calorie is a measurement of heat units.*🫥

  Now that I have shown you the light..... may your  festivities ahead be a wonderful one!🙏😁



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