Which is better to Join : Army, Airforce or Navy?

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Among the Indian armed forces (Army, Navy and Air Force), which one has the toughest job?

An oft repeated joke at Staff College (DSSC Wellington) was that the Army works the hardest, followed by the Air Force, the childrens' school and the Navy in that order. More recently, I heard a new one.

Swarg hai Navy ka postings, Air Force ka work culture aur Army ka bandobast. Nark hai Army ka postings, Navy ka work culture aur Air Force ka bandobast. (Heaven is the Navy's postings, the Air Force's work culture and the Army's organisation. Hell is the Army's postings, the Navy's work culture and the Air Force's organisation.)

During the course at DSSC, the Navy and Air Force students are taken on a Forward Area Tour to see how the army operates. Even though it was in May (the best timeof the year) most of us said to ourselves "Thank God I didn't opt for the Army." Later the whole course goes on an industrial Tour visiting various training centres to see artillery, armour and flying demos amongst others. One event is a day at sea with the Navy. Usually, the weather in/off Bombay (Mumbai) after the monsoon is good. The year I did the course, the monsoon hadn't retreated and it was pouring with rough seas . Most of the Army and Air Force students were miserably seasick. When we returned to Port and disembarked the general refrain was "You Navy guys can have your sea. We're happy to operate on dry land." This is the reverse of "The grass is greener on the other side".

Now decide for yourself.

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