Who saved Arunachal?

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Today I will tell you about 3 soldiers of the Indian Army and 2 local girls, who in my eyes did something which was impossible. These 3 soldiers were Lance Naik Trilok Singh, Rifleman Jaswant Singh and Rifleman Gopal Singh. The two girls Sela and Nura.

Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat was 21 year old young boy, the boy who alone saved Arunachal Pradesh and held the Chinese Army for 72 hours. All alone and supported by 2 girls.

17th November 1962, this was the 4th attack by the Chinese Army on 4Garhwal was probably the deadliest. Hell bent on capturing Nuranang, the Chinese managed to move an MMG close to where 4 Garhwal was, bringing them under immense fire.
4 Garhwal was asked to abandon the post and retreat. This is when Lance Naik Trilok Singh, Rifleman Jaswant Singh and Rifleman Gopal Singh undertook a suicide mission. Refused to abandon the post they crawled through rocks and bushes under heavy enemy fire to take out the Chinese MMG with hand. Gopal and Trilok succumbed to a grenade attack and Jaswant Singh managed to snatch the MMG from the Chinese soldier and crawled back to his post.
Jaswant Singh alone remained at his post and kept changing his location, making the Chinese believe that there was an entire battalion and not just one man. Two local girls Sela and Nura helped Jaswant Singh to set up the guns at different locations while Janswant Singh kept changing his position.

Sela died of a grenade and Nura was captured by the Chinese troops. It is being said that Jaswant Singh managed to eliminate 300 Chinese troops alone before attaining veergati.
To this date, it is still unclear whether Jaswant Singh Rawat shot himself or whether he was killed by Chinese Army because Jaswant Singh Rawat was using Chinese weapons on Chinese Soldiers.

When the enemy realised that it was just one man behind such destruction, they got extremely furious and severed his head and took it with them. They returned it to the Indian Army later with full honour. Today, Jaswant Singh is considered alive and 5 soldiers guard his hut 24*7. His shoes are polished everyday. His uniform is being changed everyday and he even gets letters from his near and dear ones regularly.

This was "Battle Of Nuranang"

Nuranang river and Nuranang falls were named after Nura.
Sela Pass, Sela Tunnel and Sela Lake were named after Sela.
The bravery of Jaswant Rawat was honored by naming the army post held by him as the "Jaswant Garh post"

Remembering all the 5 lion hearts on the day they attained Veergati.

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