4 types of officers

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I recollect something my ex CO taught me which I never understood then as a Capt.
He said, 'there r 4 types of offrs, Rajesh '.
1. One who gives Pat in d back & Pat in d Arse - they r totally welfare oriented offrs..
2. One gives Pat in d Back & Kick in d Arse..d balanced types..good managers. 
3. One gives Kick in d Back but Pat in d Arse - totally confused..can't differentiate fm Right & Wrong.
4. One gives Kick in d Back & Kick in d Arse - very Autocratic & hard task masters..

Pl select which type of offr u  r or would like to become..I kept silent since couldn't understand then & Backside never intrigued me..🤩🥴

But now I have seen all 4 types more of d 3rd catalog in28 yrs of service 


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