Ever wondered why we listen to “Motivational Speakers” and “New Age Gurus”?

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Ever wondered why we listen to "Motivational Speakers" and "New Age Gurus"?

Two reasons
1) We look for easy solutions & quick fixes.
2) We substitute listening to "Motivational" Speakers in lieu of actual work.

Let me explain

1) It is boring & tedious to get into details and consistently do same tasks over and over again.
The results take more time than we envisage, there are multiple failures, delays and things just don't seem to fall in place.
Hence seeking information from Self Help books, Motivational Speakers and Half cooked Gurus provides the relief and hope of success. Alas in most of the cases it remains that - Hope.

2) The actual work is painful. As an analogy it is very painful to maintain a good, strong body that is fit, lean and healthy. One has to do a lot in terms of exercise, proper diet etc. Similarly one has to forgo a lot of pleasures - if you wish to be jog every day at 6 then late night parties and movies on weekends need to be foregone. To further increase the challenge all this needs to be done for a very long time - almost for a life time.

Similarly in any other pursuits it involves a huge amount of discipline, dedication and actual work for a very long time (almost a lifetime) to achieve reckon able success.

So we substitute Work for Pleasure. We listen to Motivational Speakers and their Josh Talks make us feel that we have achieved what we set out. All we have accomplished is listened to a "Wise Guy" whose only talent probably is "Speaking".

If you need to read - read the Text Books or serious literature. If you have to listen - listen to the doers.

Being a doer and facing the tedium & boredom of work - still being at it relentlessly will bring proficiency and prosperity. There is no substitute for it - The who moved my cheese and rich dad poor dad variety of reading is "fiction" and "self help porn" - best avoided.

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