Hilarious: Ladies Meet Kahan hai - Answer will make you roll with Laughter

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Ladies Meet ..

Some where in the North- east, a lady joined her husband ( Army Major) for the first time. As she was new to the station and she came to know about *Ladies meet*,' which was scheduled for the next day. So she told Sahayak Bhaiya to go and check "Ladies meet kahan hai?"
Sahayak Bhaiya immediately went to check, but to her surprise he came back very late in the evening & one cannot imagine, what reply came from that innocent guy....
He said, 
"Mem Saab, shubah se kitna jagah ja kar poochha. Murga ka meat hai, Bakra ka meat hai, Kutta ka meat hai, batak ka meat hai, suar ka bhi meet mila, par LADIES MEAT kahin nahin mila...!!"


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