How Wives treat their retired husbands?

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How Wives treat their retired husbands:

 *If the Husband gets up from the Bed a bit late:* 

'You are retired …..
that doesn't mean you should infinitely sleep.'

 *If he gets up early:* 

'Just because you don't get sleep, don't disturb all of us unnecessarily, by getting up so early'

 *If he sits quiet at home:* 

'Instead of hanging on to that Mobile all the 24 hours, could  you not help in the household work?'

 *If he goes out for Fresh Air:* 

'Instead of wandering on the streets aimlessly, could you not sit quiet at home?'

 *If he spends more time in Pooja Room:* 

'God won't come down just because you are blabbering something and ringing the bell.'

 *If he goes for a Part-time job:* 

'This Wisdom should have dawned on you while you were in service. At least, we could have got a more spacious house. What is the use of earning a paltry sum now?.'

 *If he takes his wife for Pilgrimage:* 

'Our neighbour had taken his wife to Kashmir, Simla and Ooty.   It is my fate that I am running around over-crowded  temples.'

 *If he takes her to Kashmir:* 

'Instead of burning that money on pleasure trips, you could have got me that Necklace I was asking, ever since I married you.'

 *If he becomes Apartment Complex Flat owners' Association President:* 

'First do your  house work. Hell with your Society work.'

 *If he is calm at home:* 

'Look at our neighbour. He is our Association President. Everyone salutes his wife even. No one even looks at me'.

 *So men! Don't boast and trumpet that you will do this and that after retirement.* 

*Wife's Taunts and Torture are a part of Retired Life* 😃😎

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