Humour in uniform ( one from Navy)

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Humour in uniform  ( one from Navy)  An Admiral posted ashore used to be proud of his super white Naval uniform.  His uniform used to be washed and pressed by a dhobhi ( a lady).       This Admiral  got a transfer as Fleet Cdr and had to undertake  fair amount of sailing.  He never trusted the ships dhobhi . He continued to use the services of the old dhobhi. She used to visit the ship at Anchorage and collect Admirals clothes. She was thus a known figure at the boat jetty.         One day when she came to the jetty, there was no dock yard boat. The communication centre sent a message to the ship as follows     "PSB ( please send boat) for Admirals Woman."  2 minutes later when the communication officer saw this,  he realised the mistake . It should have been washerwoman.  He sent another signal as follows.  Refer to my last. "Insert "Washer" between Admiral and woman". 😄😄😄 

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