Kashmir was established as the SEZ of Knowledge

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Kashmir was established as the SEZ of Knowledge. 

Avantika pura had the biggest of libraries on deepest of philosophy. And Martanda which houses the temple to Surya deva, the enabler of all knowledge in universe. 
The Bhattas or Brahmanas of Kashmir were known for their superlative knowledge. 

Unfortunately the purity of KashyapMaar has been hijacked by Tamasik mindset and ideology. 

But thanks to the present govt who took the correct initiative of unleashing JandK out of shackles of 370.
There is much in making. 
The kashi and varanasi and remaking of Dwadash Jyotirlingas. 
The remaking of Martanda temple and many more being restored. 
Well it's not a coincidence. When you call Rama with a pure heart he shall come. 
Rama is the Surya Avatara manifestation in the Main Dasha Avataras, out of many such Avataras of Vishnu.

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