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 A few days ago a Seminar was held  in the BJP office in New Delhi, reg the elections of some States to be held this year, in which all the MPs of BJP participated, including PM, NaMo, Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP National President JP Nadda. 
PM Modi addressed the Seminar and asked the MPs to be responsible for their work.

Once .. The Seminar was over, UP BJP President Swatantra Dev Singh called for a meeting of all the MPs of UP, and asked for the details of the work done by them in UP, taking details of the work done by all the MPs... one by one !! 

Incidently, someone informed Modiji about this meeting of UP MPs. Modiji immdly got some files from his officers went to the meeting of UP MPs..

Everyone including Convenor  of the Meeting Swatantra Dev Singh was surprised to see Modiji there!! 

Swatantra Dev Singh and all stood up and greeted Modiji.

Modiji went up to Swatantra Dev Singh and handed him a File
and said..
*"As MP of  Varanasi I too have to Submit my Report Card of Work Done. Why was I not invited to this meeting?"*

 "Here is the report card of my work done so far. I am short of time, otherwise I would be present here and give you the details of each work. If you find any deficiency in this report card, then please inform me, I will try to improve on this".
saying this, Modi ji left  from BJP office.......

All the MPs of UP present were left looking at each other. For some time no one could utter any word. 
They were shocked and in awe as they had just seen  PM of the country coming to give a report card of his work to a State President..

The MPs told the State President Swatantra Dev Singh that they would definitely submit their  *Work Done Report File* Next Day with proof of documents.

This is Modi's style of working !!

*Hitting many with one arrow..Inspiring... Leading... By own example*

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