NRI Pensioners Must Read else Pension can Stop

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Presently the SPARSH system is not geared up to credit your Pensions to an NRE Account. In a recent case, the NRI Veteran was drawing his pension through his NRE account but after migration to SPARSH, his pension stopped. Four months of emails and the Grievances raised were of no avail. Finally, it was resolved through the personal intervention of Dr Bhartendu Singh at PCDA, Allahabad.  Pension group is grateful to Dr Bhartendu Singh for his efforts beyond his normal charge to help in starting the pension.
NRI pensioners kindly maintain status-quo with the pension account otherwise your pension may stop.

2. Therefore,  NRI Pensioners are advised NOT to change their pension account to a NRE Account. For the time being, just stick to the account where your SPARSH pension is coming.

3. Otherwise, for the Resident pensioners,  a change of Bank/ Branch is a simple process in SPARSH. For a change of Bank, just change the Bank details and upload a cancelled cheque with your name printed on it.

4. For a change of Branch, submit an Application to your Branch to transfer your Pension Account to the new Branch identifying it with the Branch Code and IFSC. After the transfer of the account to the new Branch, obtain a new Cheque Book with your Name printed on it. Upload this cheque leaf in SPARSH. Alternatively, you can also open a fresh account at the new Branch and then follow the procedure.

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