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Serving and retired defense personnel often have to go to Delhi for some work or the other. One of the main reasons for this is the treatment of the dependent. Because the two top hospitals of the Armed Forces, Base Hospital and R & R Hospital are located in Delhi only. Whenever defense personnel go to Delhi for the treatment of their dependents, they face a lot of accommodation problems. Either they have to make some arrangement on rent in civil or they have to get attached in a nearby unit. 
To overcome this problem of serving and retired soldiers, Taurus Sainik Rest House has been started in August 2022 in front of the base hospital.

Features of Taurus Sainik Rest Home Delhi
This rest house has been built in front of the base hospital so that there is no problem in movement of defense personnel during treatment.
Taurus Sainik Aaram Ghar Delhi has a total of 48 AC rooms and 52 AC single bed dormitories made in which every necessary facility is provided to the defense personnel. These rooms can be booked by serving and retired army personnel and their dependents.
Initially booking can be done for maximum 10 days at Taurus Aaram Ghar Delhi which is called first phase of booking. If required, defense person can book a room or bed in it for a maximum of 5 days. But to book 5 days extra, the defense person will have to show the medical certificate. Defense personnel also have to pay some charges for booking and eating at Taurus Aaram Ghar Delhi, which are as follows.
Taurus Sainik Rest House Delhi Booking Charges and Fees
Booking fees depend on the type of room and dormitory. If defense persons book AC rooms which are total 48 AC rooms then they have to pay Rs 350 per day whereas for single bed dormitory the charges are Rs 125 per day. Apart from this, they also have to pay electric charges which depend on the electric consumption. This payment has to be done before vacating the room
And this payment can also be done through bank transfer, POS machine and UPI app. Apart from this, arrangements have also been made for dining at Taurus Sainik Aaram Ghar Delhi, for which a cafeteria has been made.
In this cafeteria, defense personnel can have three meals a day - breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea for Rs.300.
Accomodation Type No Charges/Day Remarks
AC Room with Double occupancy 48 Rooms Rs 350 + Electric charges
AC Dormitory - Single Bed 52 Beds Rs 125 + Electric charges
Dining Charges - Rs 300 Three meals included
taurus sainik rest house delhi contact number
Army Number - 37844
Civil No. 1 - 8527878080
Civil No. 2 - 01128093233
taurus sainik rest house delhi address
Taurus Sainik Aramgrah

Opposite Base Hospital Delhi Cantt.

Maude Road, Delhi Cantt.

PIN - 110010

Considering the problems of the defense personnel, the construction of this rest house is a commendable work. Now the defense persons who live far away from Delhi and want to get treatment in Delhi,  they can avail this facility. Please share with other veteran groups for their benefit....

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