The Courtyard at Manekshaw Centre

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*The Courtyard at Manekshaw Centre*

1. *Timings* - 
      (a) Weekdays - 1800h-2300h.
      (b) Weekends - 1200h - 2300h.
      (c) - Tuesday closed.
      (d)  last order - 2230h.

2. *Eligibility*
      (a) All offrs , veterans and dependents - All three services.
     (b) *Childern* - Accompanied Children with parents permitted. Parents to ensure Children adhere to the decorum of the Centre.
   (c) *Civilian Guests* - No civ guests permitted for the time being.
   (d)  *Foreign Nationals* - No Foreign Nationals permitted to utilise the court yard. 
3.  *Dress code* - Dress should be befitting the decorum of a mess (No Jeans/T shirts/ Sports shoes/slippers/Sandals)
4. Prior reservations to be done on weekends to avoid inconvenience/embarrassment. *Kindly book your table at: +91 8368703179* 
5. *Opening Weekend: 9 & 10 Dec* . Only for Army offrs and dependents;

            *HAPPY DINING*

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