Who is responsible for Ram Mandir fight and letting it see light of the day

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🙏 *Ayodhya Memories* 🙏

Some information which we never knew. A must-know post for every Hindu.

Let's remember K.K.Nair, the hero who was responsible for us to get the land of Sri Rama in Ayodhya. 

Kandangalam Karunakaran Nair known as K.K.Nair was born on September 7, 1907 in a small village called Gutankadu, Alappuzha, Kerala.

Before India's independence, he went to England and at the age of 21, became a barrister and succeeded in the ICS examination before returning home.

He worked in Kerala for some time and was known for his honesty and bravery and earned a reputation as a servant of the people.

In 1945 he joined Uttar Pradesh state as a civil servant. He served in various posts and was appointed Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate of Faizabad on June 1, 1949.

Following a complaint that the child Ram Vigraham suddenly appeared in Ayodhya the then Prime Minister Nehru ordered the State Government to investigate and submit a report. The Chief Minister of the state, Govind Vallabh Pant, requested K.K.Nair to go there and make enquiries. Nair asked his subordinate, Shri Guru Dutt Singh, to investigate and submit a report.

Singh went there and presented a detailed report to KK Nair. His report said that Hindus worshiped Ayodhya as the birthplace of Lord Rama (Ram Lalla). But the Muslims were creating problems claiming there was a mosque. His report reiterated that it was a Hindu temple. He suggested that a big temple should be built there. His report said that the Government should allocate land for it and Muslims should be banned from going to that area.

Based on that report Nair issued orders prohibiting Muslims from going within a radius of 500 meters of the temple. (It is noteworthy that neither the government nor the court has been able to lift this ban till date).

Hearing this, Nehru fretted and fumed and got upset. He wanted the State Government to order the immediate evacuation of the Hindus from the area and removal of the Ram Lalla. 

The Chief Minister Govind Vallabh Pant ordered Nair to immediately evacuate the Hindus and remove the idol of the Ram Lalla.

But Nair refused to implement the order. On the other hand, he issued another order stating that daily pooja should be performed to Rama Lalla. The order also said that the Government should bear the cost for the pooja and the salary of the priest who performed pooja.

Terrified by this order, Nehru immediately ordered Nair's removal from service. When dismissed, Nair went to the Allahabad Court and himself argued successfully against Nehru Order of his dismissal.

The Court ordered that Nair should be reinstated and allowed to work in the same place. The Court's order was like smearing Nehru's face with black ink. Hearing this order, the residents of Ayodhya urged Nair to contest in the elections.

But Nair pointed out that being a Government Servant he could not stand for elections. The residents of Ayodhya wanted Nair's wife to contest. Accepting the people's request, Mrs. Shakuntala Nair entered the fray as a candidate in Ayodhya during Uttar Pradesh's first Legislative Assembly elections.

At that time, the Congress candidates won all over the country. But in Ayodhya alone, the Congress candidate who contested against Nair's wife lost by a margin of several thousands.

Mrs. Shakuntala Nair joined the Jana Sangh in 1952 and started developing the organisation.

A shocked Nehru and the Congress started pressurising Nair. He resigned from his post and started working as an advocate in the Allahabad High Court.

When the elections for the Parliament was announced in the year 1962, the people succeeded in persuading Nair and his wife to contest. They wanted him to speak about Ayodhya before Nehru. People helped the Nair couple to win both Bahraich and Kaisarganj constituencies. It was a historic achievement.

And as a pleasant surprise, even his driver was also elected as a member of the State Legislative Assembly from the Faisalabad constituency.

Later, the Indira regime imposed a state of emergency in the country and arrested the couple and imprisoned them. But their arrest caused a huge uproar in Ayodhya, and a scared Government released them from jail.

The couple returned to Ayodhya and continued their public work. The BJP has always been winning both Assembly and Parliamentary elections from Ayodhya except for one or two times.

Nair was the first to deal with the Ayodhya case after independence. It was entirely handled by him. And even now, the anti-Hindu elements have not been able to change the orders issued by him as an officer.

On the basis of the order issued by Nair the pujas and the darshan of Ram Lalla continue even now.

In 1976, Mr. Nair wanted to return to his hometown. But the people would not allow him to go. However, Nair said goodbye to the people saying that he wanted to be in his hometown during his last days.

Nair surrendered to the lotus feet of Sri Ramachandra Murthy in his hometown on *7th September 1977*. After hearing of his death the residents of Ayodhya shed tears. A group went to Kerala to receive his ashes 🙏

The ashes were received with great respect. They were taken in a decorated chariot and immersed in the Sarayu river near Ayodhya where Lord Rama bathed daily and worshipped the sun 🙏

It is only because of Nair's efforts that we are able to worship at Sri Rama Janma Bhoomi in Ayodhya. No wonder he is regarded as a *divine person by the people of Ayodhya*.

Would Rama's birthplace become a grand Ram Temple today if not for him ? It is a big question mark 🤔

*May the glory of Shri K.K.Nair, who single-handedly preserved the right of Hindus to worship Shri Rama Lalla till today, ring aloud* 🙏

The *Vishwa Hindu Parishad* has bought land in his native village and erected a memorial for him. It may be noted that a Trust started in the name of K.K Nair provides scholarships and training to students appearing for the civil services examination.

I am ashamed to admit I had never heard about this couple 😔🙏

We are indebted to them for ever 🙏🏽🕉️

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