Car or Bike Purchase thru CSD Procedure

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1.   Go to the showroom and book your vehicle of your choice, colour,model etc by paying token of advance.
2. Take the engine no and chasis number.
3. Take a quotation of the vehicle as per csd price.
4. Take availability certificate
5. Now enter your basic service details, canteen grocery card number, chip number etc on the web site
"https://afd.csdindia(dot)gov(dot)in" by clicking on "shop now" than "new register" ( replace dot with actual in url)
Create your username and password

Note:- Don't commit any mistakes while filling the form because once you fill and submit the form,  it is tough  to edit and till than the site will not allow you to Book the vehicle.
6. During every login you will get an otp on your registered mobile.
7. After entering the site click on "search" at the bottom of the web page and type the same vehicle you booked in the showroom, click on it and check the price displayed it should be same as said by the showroom otherwise tell showroom to amend it accordingly.
8. Mean while initially it will ask state,area, canteen etc select the canteen which is near to you.
9. Now after completing the initial about said formalities you have to pay the amount in full to csd store either direct thru your account or bank loan or partially both.
10. Now upload all documents like proof of payments,aadhar,Pan,Last pay drawn or ppo, availability certificate with engine and chasis number. After uploading all you have to click at the bottom of the page " Generate Challan". After that you will get summary sheet take print out the same and keep safe with all other uploaded documents in duplicate.
11. Visit to NOMINATED URC with all these copies,along with original Grocery card and identity card.The csd person will check everything and keep the copies.
12. After 2 or 3 days you will get mail and sms to collect PO/ Supply order.
13. Collect the same from CSD and submit at the showroom and collect your vehicle.

Note:- The site is getting updated regularly as the site is new.
They are trying to make everything hands free and avoid visiting canteen shortly they are thinking to give PO by downloading from your login site.

Hope this will help. 😊

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