Coitus interruptus by PCDA (O) Pune

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As usual PCDA site cant be reached. Unable to see my Credit.😢
During my study lve in MBA,the 'Accounting For Mgt' Class in first semester spoke extensively of the word Credit & Debit. Being fm a non commerce background, it took me few months to understand what it actually means by "CREDIT THE GIVER AND DEBIT THE RECEIVER" till the time an intellectually bright friend came to my rescue with suitable examples. Credit is an essential financial tool that enables individuals and businesses to access funds for various purposes, such as purchasing goods and services, investing in opportunities, or managing unexpected expenses. So its of vital necessity & cannot be further overemphasized. This Credit mgt tool is however most active on the last day of the month when we wait eagerly to view our statement of Accts uploaded by PCDAO Pune not withstanding the pain & agony of failure in opening the site due to probably voyeuristic traffic or maybe a sadistic pleasure inflicted by PCDAO to withold the opportunity to climax by officers using the pause squeeze technique or edging to prolong the sadistic pleasure. Reminds me also of Coitus interruptus or withdrawal syndrome. Coitus interruptus, also known as withdrawal, is a traditional family planning method in which the man completely removes his penis from the vagina, and away from the external genitalia of the female partner before he ejaculates. So is PCDAO squeezing us till the Coitus moment. Hope Pune ejaculates timely today to view my pay slip.

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