English as a Funny Language with Silenced Letters

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The Sound of Silenced Letters.

We know the letter B doesn't belong in subtle 
But what has the letter C got to do in a muscle?

The role of the D in Wednesday we can't define

Why should G be present in a gnat or in a sign?

To be honest, does the H in rhyme ring a bell?

And can the J in marijuana anybody smell?

Who knows why the K in knee won't knock
And why the L in walk or in calf would not talk

The first M in mnemonic is hard to understand 

Would the damned N in the column ever stand?

We can't say the P in psalm or in psychology 
And S alone gets tossed out from the debris

Is the T heard when you listen to a whistle?

W is not write, it's wrong, don't try to wrestle okay

X is the mistake in a faux pas, get the clue?

Ever wonder why Y did not have it's say in Say?

Hush, no rendezvous with Z, goodbye, adiĆ³s.

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