How Airforce Hq got its Building in Delhi?

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Back in the 50s practically all the ministries and govt of India offices were in hutments along the Central Vista, the area on both sides of Kingsway 
(later Rajpath and now Kartavya Path).  IAF HQ occupied Block G, H & J.  
PM Nehru decided that now was the time for the country to have modern 
buildings to house the govt offices and the task was handed over to the 
Min of Housing.  As a starting point, Air HQ was asked to vacate Block J 
so that the first new structure could be put up there. The story goes 
that the CAS Air Mshl S Mukherji was reluctant, but finally agreed on being assured that the new building would become the IAF's new HQ. 

Consequently, the Air HQ offices located in Block J were shifted across 
the road and crammed into the existing offices in Blocks G & H and the 
Block J site handed over for development.However, as the building neared completion, the CAS heard from a little Bird that since charity begins at home, the new building was to be taken 
over by the Min of Housing for their own use!  The CAS personally 
appealed to the PM but was told that his hands were tied as the Assurances the CAS received were verbal and did not carry weight, while written decisions were that the building would indeed go into the hands of the Housing ministry.  However, before parting the PM cryptically Remarked, "Subroto, remember possession is 9 parts of the law."  The CAS needed no further hints.

  A few months later, when the finishing touches to the new building 
were being given, the CAS declared the following Sunday a working day 
and asked all officers and men to come dressing in T shirts and shorts.  
That Sunday morning there was a big move as offices were allocated to 
various branches and directorates and hundreds of personnel carried 
files and furniture into the new building.  Monday morning saw the new 
building sport a brand new brass lettering with the name 'Vayu Bhawan'.

Of course, the concerned minister was aghast and asked the Air Chief to 
vacate, but on getting an outright refusal the minister rushed to the 
PM.  Apparently, the PM just shrugged his shoulders and asked the 
minister to get into a dialogue with the CAS. That's where matters rested.

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