How Can You Recognise a Military Veteran...!?

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*How Can You Recognise a Military Veteran...!?*

*He* is smartly dressed with shining shoes.

*He* will try to walk like a young fellow, though old by numbers.

*He* is young at heart and always romantic.

*He* will have a lot of stories to tell.

*He* has lot of knowledge to impart.

*He* has deep knowledge about liquor, whiskey & beer.

*He* tries to lead by example & cares for his Nation. 

*He* comes to rapt attention when you play the National anthem.

*He* dislikes and distrusts people who don't drink.

*He* is trustworthy hence has a few girlfriends; still.

*He* gives a firm handshake.

*He* is conspicuous by being respectful to ladies.

*He* dislikes to be late.

*He* speaks time in four digits.

He is *Shit* Scared of His Wife...!!

*God Bless the Veterans*
*"_Happy Veterans Day 14 Jan 2024"_*

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