How Professionals name their Children?

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I met a surgeon who named his son Naïf (pronounced Knife).
I said what an apt name!    
Then I came to know the following: 

1.  Lawyer's daughter  Sue.
2.  Radiologist's son Ray. 
3.  Ophthalmologist's daughter Iris. 
4.  Florist's daughter Rose. 
5.  Mechanic's son Jack.  
6.  Archaeologist's son Doug. 
7.  Thief's son Rob. 
8.  Gymnast's son Jim. 
9.  Jeweler's twin daughters Ruby and Pearl. 
10.  Ornithologist's son Robin.  
11.  Orthopedician's son Boney.  
12.  Barber's son Harry. 
13.  Solicitor's son Will.  
14.  Accountant's son Bill. 
15.  Horticulturist's daughter Ivy. 
16.  Gardener's son Pete. 
17.   Monarch's son Prince. 
18.  Dramatist's daughter Oprah.  
19.  Sanitation engineer's son John.  
20.   Highway engineer's son Miles. 
21.   Dietitian's daughter Olive.  
22.  Actor's son Oscar.

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