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Dear friends, we are presently in USA at Seattle for last 2 months.While coming from India, my wife was having respiratory problem, which was in subsiding stage. We carried sufficient medicines to US considering her condition. In US, we consumed her quota of medicines and she almost recovered. But having exhausted her medicines, I became apprehensive of possible respiratory attack during our stay in US so I requested my daughter to fix appointment with a pulmonologist. My daughter was asked to first see the General Physician for which we were given an appointment one week later and that too on video call. We talked to Doctor on phone after one week for 10 minutes or so explaining him the medicines which we have been taking.He said he has understood and would prescribe accordingly.The medicines could be obtained from medicines outlet. On enquiring from medical store, it was informed that medicines are not readily available and would be available in 4-5 days. We got medicines on 5th day and those were to our surprise Cipla produced 'made in India'. We had to shell out Rs.21000/- that too after availing 50% discount on account of medical insurance taken in US.The same medicines costing Rs.2500/- in India was costing Rs.42000/- in US. It took us 12 days to get the medicines, which is normally available immediately or in half day's time in India. After a week's time, we got a bill of $283 (Rs.23000/-) for medical consultation.
*The above experience I am sharing for my Indian friends who feel medical facilities in our country are very poor.*

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