Modi-hate is deep rooted in ‘Ashoka Syndrome’

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Modi-hate is deep rooted in  'Ashoka Syndrome'

*An interesting article by a Retd. Army Officer*

In India, it's never about ideology. It is only about civilisation.

And to put it on record this is why PM Modi faces a massive smear campaign!

But this did not start in 2014. It started long ago, we have to go back by centuries to understand this.

India wasn't born in 1947, because unlike many other countries we only got independence and were not created afresh. Therefore, what happened before 1947 is as important as what happened after 1947.

The most underrated event in our history being the Kalinga war of 265 BC.

The war changed not only Ashoka, the famous Mauryan ruler but it would also change India for centuries to come.
The emperor became a pacifist. Whatever be his own ideology, it is easy to confuse his reluctance to wage war with a senseless defensive mindset, however for years to come, the Indian civilisation became utterly defensive.

Succeeding Indian dyanasties and emperors would avoid expansionism, but their ability to perceive and pre-empt threats also went down. Compromise and forgiveness became the keywords of our civilisation.

The *Ashoka Syndrome* would soon become the *Prithviraj Syndrome*.

Indians have been valiant warriors, but the issue is that of excessive magnanimity. 
Prithviraj Chauhan defeated Muhammad Ghori in the 11th century, but let him go. Later, Ghori defeated and blinded him.

In the course of this thread, you will realise how we keep getting betrayed just like Prithviraj Chauhan, another 10 centuries later.

Anyway, Prithviraj Chauhan's unnecessary magnanimity allowed Islamic conquest of India.
This, of course, led to centuries of plunder.

After the Kalinga war, we never achieved a system that would match up to the aggression against Indian civilisation. The unnecessarily defensive regime would give way to Islamic conquest, and Islamic conquest would give way to the British Raj.

Needless to mention, the social thinkers and commoners also became timid about their own civilisation.

Britishers made us believe that we were misogynist and archaic.

*Some of our most celebrated social thinkers relentlessly promoted British education as a panacea.*

*As I said, everything is about civilisation. Every successive regime shamed anyone who tried to stand up for civilisational pride.*

British era made way for the Nehruvian era. India's political leadership again ordained that India would adopt strategic restraint.

China entered our territory. So, India's first Prime Minister said, "not a blade of grass grows" in those barren mountains.

Of course, no one in the intellectual lobby protested. Nehru was doing what they wanted him to do. 
Be magnanimous to the extent of being self-destructive. Nehru was only continuing what started with the Kalinga war. 

Then came Indira. She suffered the Prithviraj syndrome. Won the 1971 war, but gave away all the exploits in Shimla Agreement.

Pak turned another Ghori. ISI came up with a doctrine - *Bleed India to Death by Thousand Cuts"*.

This doesn't end here. Vajpayee faced the wrath of the ecosystem for many reasons. The only thing they don't criticise him for, is not crossing the LoC during the Kargil war. 

This is again a manifestation of extreme generosity. Pak could cross the LoC but India would not.

*The Parliament attack happened, we didn't retaliate. Operation Prakram never materialised into anything.*

Few years later, 26/11 happened. But India's then PM Manmohan Singh chose "strategic restraint" and indulged in self-congratulation!
No one in the powerful lobby criticised him.

As long as you don't go beyond the Lakshman Rekha that has been drawn by the centuries of timidity, no one will rebuke you.

*But PM Modi went a step further. Pakistan attacked in Uri, so the Para SF caused damage to the terror launchpads across the LoC.*

*With the Balakot airstrikes, he went several steps further.*

Of course, he is hated.

*After several centuries, India is pre-empting the threats.*

We had stopped pre-empting in 265 BC, how come we can do it  now!

Modi-hate is not about ideology, it's about the civilisation !!!

I wish and I hope that this Modi succeeds in transforming our mindset for the other Modis to follow suit, because one Modi will not be sufficient to clear the mental rot accumulated through centuries. 

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