Scotland & Wakes best time to visit

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Scotland and Wales are best done in May, June or September, October. While July, August are great weather wise, there is an increased influx of tourists. In Scotland make Edinburgh your base and keep five days for traveling around. One day is best for the Edinburgh tour, either walking or in a HoHo bus. The city is plush with history and every nook and corner has a story to tell. Visit Edinburgh Castle for sure. One day take the Scottish Highland Tour and enjoy the various distillery visits with a lot of tasting. The other day tour is to Loch Ness, Loch Lomond and Inverness. All these tours can be booked online or locally once you get there. A visit to Isle of Skye and Glasgow can also be done depending upon your interest in nature and a cosmopolitan city tour respectively. Wales is two to three days at best and is best decided by your interests and the money you want to spend. Monument visits across the UK are expensive unless you buy a Tourist Pass or are included in the tour. Majority of the tour operators have a tie-up with the tourism authority and does away with entry ticket lines and high costs. For stay pre book a bed and breakfast as throughout the day one is exploring the city or is part of a tour. These are far cheaper than regular hotels and more user friendly too. For travel always buy a Family Pass for the duration that you plan to spend. These are unbelievably cheap. Cost for ten days tour can vary between one to two lakh per person for a budget travel and stay, depending upon how early you book.

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