Tirupati Balaji Travel Itinerary

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*Tirupati Balaji*

Confirm Guest Rooms one day prior,
Car Patrol Top Up,
I-Card of serving pers,
Aadhar Card of all indls,
Dependent Card of all dependents,
Lungi (Moond) for all males.

Acquire Google info about the ancient history of Tirupati, Tirumala Hills, Sri Venkateshwar Temple, Padmavati Temple and SrikalaHasti Temple.

Travel with minimum baggage since every item will be taken out of the vehicle for X-Ray scanning and veh will hv to cross the Security Checkpoint without any baggage and with only one dvr


*First Day*

* Start at 0630 from Blr for Tirupati
* 1100-1130 Security Check at Tirupati
* 500m ahead of Security - left side - Visit Ganesha Temple
* Min 40 min to be taken from Security to Tirumala
     Reach Tirumala not before 1130+40'
* 1210-1300 : Check-in Sainik Niwas
* 1300-1430 : Tonsuring procedure & bathing (optional)
* 1430 : Reach Supatham
               Check Dependent Cards
               Carry pens
               Buy tickets (300/- each)
     Note : Last time to reach Supatham is 1700h
* Darshan complete by 1630 h
* RV at Stairs - Nariyal, Dhoop/Batti
* 1630-1730 - Photos / Purchase of Dhaga
* Back to Guest Room
* Dinner Options
       Shanidhanam... It is costly.
       Further down the road is cheaper

*Next Day*

* 0800h - Start back
* Visit Hanuman Statue Temple
* Do not reach Security at Tirupati befor 40' of starting from Tirumala
* 0930 - Reach Tirupati
* Mov for SrikalaHasti (35 km from Tirupati)
* Reach Gate No 4 (PRO Counter)
   Visit temple
* Complete Darshan and start back
* Have Brunch enroute at around 12 pm
* Back to Tirupati Town
* Visit Padmavati Temple
* Optional : Visit Kanipakam Vinayak
                     Complete by 1400-1430h
* Back to Blr by 1830-1900h

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