Can You change a Fauji?

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Don't try to change a Fauji, he has YOUR house to protect.
Very often I hear the comment that Faujis cannot negotiate in a discussion, 
that they are often aggressive and don't listen to anyone else's logic other than their own. 
That bureaucrats "agree to disagree" whereas Faujis would "disagree to agree". 
  Well it's true to some extent and to my mind that's because possibly a Fauji has more conviction in his beliefs than the so-called elite class of bureaucracy in the country.
And he fights for them.
And one such belief is a strong and vibrant India. He fights for it and takes pride in what he does. . 
We are aggressive and possibly not very clever in a conversation but our places of living, our cantonments and stations are jewels of any city for their cleanliness and maintenance. 
We maintain our equipment well and our men even better. We don't pay for cream postings. There is no one to take the bribe! We dress well, polish our shoes and call our ladies Ma'am several times more in a month than an average guy would say in a lifetime.
 Our stories will enthrall you, our bank balances would depress you, and our medals and ribbons will catch your eyes. 
  The loads our boys carry will break your backs and when we stand for the National Anthem, our stiffness will make you underconfident of your own physique. 
We know it, we don't say it.
 We are we, and we are proud of what we are.
We are Faujis.
We don't negotiate: 
We are taught to win. 
We have a country to defend and a house to protect, 
a house that's— YOURS.

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