Counter argument to Kurta Pyjama dress in Naval Mess

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1. It's always about the *mind* when it comes to attire. That's why there's an old saying *dress and address* . Right rig for the right occasion and place

2. Our response is different towards the traffic police, when he is in uniform and in Mufti

3. The formal dresses also make us formal in our dealing. It's the way the mind works. When in/ on the profession the formal dresses make a difference... for every it a judge, doctor, etc

4. What is a formal debatable. For a bride it's the wedding dress..

5. Do we have Indian traditional attire that can serve as formal?

6. Formal dresses for mess function like dinner night or guest night with Anglo etiquettes have a different goal... mostly not for enjoying the five course meal.

7 . Are the messes only for formal meals or the real enjoyment of the meal?

8. If it's predominantly for enjoying the meal, till how far can we make it more Desi... sitting on the floor, eating with hands and offering prayers..?

These are the aspects that need emphasis.

The time
The leadership
The wave among the public (fauz being part of the public)..
Will ultimately decide, how we live and eat

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