Letter from orthopaedic doctor to all the elderly (60-100 yers and above…)

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A letter from  orthopaedic doctor to all the elderly (60-100 yers and above…)

*I don't advocate  determination of bone density anymore, because the elderly will definitely have osteoporosis, and with the increase of age, the degree of osteoporosis will definitely become more and more serious, and the risk of fracture is bound to get bigger.*

*There is a formula:*

*The risk of fracture= external damage force/ bone density.*

*The elderly are prone to fractures because the denominator value (bone density) is getting smaller and smaller, so the risk of fractures will definitely increase.*

*Therefore, the most important measure for the elderly to prevent fractures is to do everything possible to prevent accidental injuries.*

*How to reduce accidental injuries?*

*There are the seven characters of the so-called secret that I summed up, which is:*

*"Be careful, be careful, be careful again"!*

*Specific measures include:*

*1. Never stand on a chair or stool to get something, even a low stool.*

*2. Try not to go out on rainy days.*

*3. Take special care when bathing or using the toilet, to prevent slipping.*

*4. The most important, especially for women - don't wear underwear in bathroom, taking support of wall or other things... The commonest cause of slipping and fracture of hip joint... After bath, come back to your changing room.. Sit comfortably on either a chair or on  your bed and then put on underwear..*

*5. While going to toilet, ensure that bathroom floor is dry and not slippery.. Use only commode.. and at the same time, fix a hand rest to hold on to while getting up from the commode seat...  same is true while taking a bath sitting on bath stool.*

*5.  Be sure to clean up the clutter on the  floor of the house before going to bed, and take double care when floor is wet...*

*5. When getting up in the middle of the night,  sit on the bed for 3-4  minutes before standing up; be sure to turn on the light first, and then get up.*

*6. At least in night or even during day time (if feasible), please, please do not close toilet door from inside..  If possible, have an alarm bell fitted in toilet, and press it to summon help from  family members etc in case of any emergency...*

*7. Seniors must sit on a chair or a bed  to wear pants etc.*

*8. In the event of a fall, you must stretch out your hands to get support from the ground. It is better to fracture the forearm and wrist than to fracture the femoral neck at the hip joint.*

*8. I strongly advocate exercise, at least walk, to the extent possible for you..*

*9. Especially for women.. be very, very serious to keep your weight in permissible limits... Diet control is the most important key... Eating leftovers, common behavior of women... just get away from it... feed leftovers to stray cows... keeping your weight in control is absolutely in your head and your mind, " always better to stop eating with half stomach full, rather than eat till have a satiety for having full stomach.*

*Regarding increasing bone mass, I also advocate dietary supplements (dairy products, soy products and seafood, especially small shrimp skins, which are high in calcium) rather than medicinal supplements.*

*The other is to do outdoor activities properly, because sun exposure (under UV light) converts the cholesterol in the skin into vitamin D.*

*It is beneficial to promote intestinal absorption of calcium and osteoblast activity has the effect of delaying osteoporosis.*

Pay special attention to the non-slip floor of the bathroom. When going up the stairs, use the handrails and don't fall. Everyone, take care.*

*Therefore, the elderly must pay attention to anti-skid and anti-fall measures.* 

*One fall will cost ten years of life. Because all the bones and muscles are destroyed. So, be careful.* 

**Avoid standing for too long**

*The message may look long, but it's worth reading it especially for the seniors, and those taking care of seniors.* 

*From a Well known
Orthopaedic and joint replacement surgeon*.
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