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These Beautiful lines by Robert Drake are worth many a repeat…

I feel I want to go back in time... 
_Not to change Things_, but to feel a couple of things twice..

I wish I was a Baby for a while... 
_Not to be walked in the pram_ but to see my Mother's smile

I wish I could go back to school... 
_Not to become a Child_ but to spend more time with those friends, I never met after school..

I wish I could be back in college... 
_Not to be a Rebel_ but to really understand what I studied

I wish I was a Fresher at my work... 
_Not to do less Work_ but to recall the joy of the first pay cheque.

I wish my kids were younger.... 
_Not because they grew Fast_ but to play with them a bit more.

I feel I still had some more time to live... 
_Not to have a longer Life_ but to know what I could give to others.

*Since the times*
that are gone can never come back, let's enjoy the moments as we live them from now on, to the fullest..

*Let's Celebrate our Remaining Life - Every Moment and Every Day.*

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