Sweet Sundari Dreams : The Fruit Sellers Wife

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The Fruit Sellers Wife
In the bustling rhythm of my daily commute to office & back, there's a charming interlude that never fails to captivate me—the Fruit Seller's Wife. Nestled along my route, the fruit shop stands out, not just for its central location but for the vibrant spirit of Sundari, the lady who runs it. Her husband, a quiet presence in the corner, occasionally peeling and selling tender coconuts, complements her in this daily dance of commerce.

Sundari is the heart and soul of the shop, managing not just the fruits but also the finances, and seemingly, her husband. Her smile is a beacon, drawing me in to pick up a variety of fruits, from the usual bananas and oranges to the local delicacy, Ber. Ziziphus mauritiana, or Indian jujube, is a favorite, and Sundari's Ber are renowned in the area.

In her 40s, Sundari is a vision of grace and beauty, draped in the vibrant hues of her Assamese saree. Her warmth and generosity shine through, making her not just a fruit seller but a symbol of the region's rich cultural heritage. Her allure goes beyond her fruits; her well-formed curvaceous figure, accentuated by her attire, and her deep cleavage and inviting navel add to her magnetic charm.

Sundari's presence is like a breath of fresh air, a reminder of life's simple joys. Her resilience and hard work are evident in the way she manages her business and cares for her family. Her eyes, as deep as the Brahmaputra River, seem to hold stories untold, and her voice, like the songs of the Bihu festival, is a melody in itself which makes me skip a heartbeat occasionally. 

Each encounter with Sundari leaves me rejuvenated, reminding me of the beauty in simplicity. My visits to her shop have not just improved my health but have also enriched my life, a testament to the beauty and grace of the Fruit Seller's Wife. Waiting eagerly for her ripe mangoes in Summer.🤩

Sweet Sundari Dreams🙏

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