Uniform Codes : Hilarious

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Uniform Civil Code tho G mardhiya for living-in relation couples. Screwed the man's freedom even here. He needs to pay alimony if he decides to breakup 😂😵‍💫.  How many alimonys will you keep paying in life??😂😂

Aur kya bacha hai.... get even more such laws....

- Uniform Love and Crush Code: You have to love or have crush only on a particular person suitable to you as per the code. No more affairs and having multiple crushes at same time. U need to pay alimony even if you change your crush or stop giving attention to your old crush 😂😂
- Uniform In-Laws Code: You have to treat your in-laws according to one standard protocol. This will avoid all sas-bahu drama or jethani-devrani fights. And pay alimony if you decide to break the code.
-Uniform Gaali Code: You have to express anger with only one word. No more variety, creativity, or intensity.
- Uniform Dress Code: You have to wear only one outfit for every occasion. No more fashion, trends, or style.
- Uniform Party Code: You have to have fun according to one rule. No more drinking, dancing, or flirting.
- Uniform Parental Code: You have to raise your kids according to one set of rules. All children will get equal childhood according to Code.

Do you have anything more creative Uniform Codes in your mind??

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