How to get DSOI Membership?

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1.       Nestled in the heart of the national capital, Delhi, the Defence Services Officers' Institute (DSOI) stands as the largest and most prestigious Defence Officers' Institute in India. Aimed at providing exceptional social and recreational facilities to both serving and retired officers of the defense services and their families, DSOI is now introducing a groundbreaking Tenure-Based Membership to enhance the exclusive experience for its patrons.

*Unveiling the Extravagance: DSOI's Unparalleled Services*

2.    DSOI boasts a rich array of amenities, including four bars, three restaurants, a coffee shop, a library, and indoor sports facilities featuring billiards/snooker tables, cards, and a mahjong room. The institute also offers party rooms and banquet halls at subsidized rates, perfect for hosting memorable events and functions.
3.   The highly anticipated swimming pool at DSOI is set to make waves from April 1, 2024, providing a refreshing aquatic retreat. Additionally, sports enthusiasts can revel in two indoor badminton courts, three squash courts, table tennis, six tennis courts, and a state-of-the-art gymnasium.
4.   With 26 well-furnished guest rooms available at subsidized rates, DSOI ensures a comfortable stay for its members. The institute's facilities extend to a well-stocked CSD counter, a bank within the premises, a gents' salon, a ladies' beauty parlour, a bakery, and amenity counters, creating a comprehensive and convenient environment for all.

*Elite Membership, Exclusive Benefits*

5.   DSOI Membership offers entry into one of the most distinguished and iconic institutes, boasting a database of accomplished members. Members can indulge in fine dining, enjoy top-notch sports facilities, and avail banquet services for their special occasions.
6.  Variety entertainment events, such as Tambola, Club evenings, and monthly members' dances, inject vibrancy into the DSOI experience.  `Friday Nights` are a resounding success and musical evenings are a delightful experience.  The New Year's Eve party at DSOI has become a mega event, eagerly anticipated by all.

7.   Affiliated with 19 major clubs and institutes across the country, DSOI Dhaula Kuan provides its members with reciprocal facilities in other stations, expanding the privileges beyond the national capital.

*Tenure-Based Membership : Your Gateway to DSOI's Prestige*

8.   The competent authority has recently approved Tenure-Based Membership on a "First Come First Served" basis for serving officers posted in Delhi NCR. The salient features of this exclusive membership include a monthly subscription of Rs. 750/- plus taxes, with the mandatory security deposit and DSOWF contribution for permanent membership waived off. Officers will have the option to surrender the membership or convert it into permanent membership upon moving out due to posting or superannuation.
9.    The implementation of Tenure-Based Membership is set to commence on           02 April 2024, with applications open for processing by interested officers immediately.

10.  Further details and to embark on this journey of exclusivity, are available on  our website at https://dsoi(dot)org(dot)in. Elevate your social and recreational experiences with DSOI's Tenure-Based Membership – where prestige meets privilege.

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