Is 9 inch pizza more than two 5 inch pizza?

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An IT guy from Hyderabad went to the US, and like most of his friends, he wanted to enjoy *Pizza* at a nice restaurant . . .
He ordered a *9-inch Pizza* 🍕. 
After a while, the Waiter  brought *two 5-inch pizzas*
And said that since  9-inch pizza was *_not_* available,  he was giving him *two 5-inches Pizzas* instead, and that he was actually getting 1 inch more for free !!......

The Hyderabadi, politely requested  the Waiter that he wished to speak to the Restaurant Owner.

The Hyderabadi gave him the  mathematical formula to calculate the area of a circle  -

Circle Area = *π r²*
where *π = 3.1415926*, 
*r* is the *radius* of the circle     . . .

So, a *9-inch circle area* = *63.62 square inches*, 


a *5-inch circle area* is *19.63 square inches*

The *two 5-inch circle areas* add up to *39.26 square inches*. 

The Hyderabadi said that even if he gave me three pizzas and he'd still lose-out !
"How can you say that you are giving me an extra inch for free . . .?"

The Restaurant Owner was  speechless. . .
He finally gave the Hyderabadi *4 pizzas !!*👌🏾

One can't fool a South Indian... _Telugu guy !_

Pl advise your children / grandchildren to take their Maths seriously


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